Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Day That Everyone Dressed in Drag

One Friday this month, the primary schools celebrated some kind of multicultural day. The school radio program had told everyone in school to dress up in the traditional clothes of some culture. Rather than dressing in the obvious Tongan traditional attire, many, if not most, students came dressed as girls. Of the 22 students in the school, 17 of them are boys, so there was a lot of wig/lipstick/dress-wearing.

As for the girls, they wore other ridiculously matched clothes. And there’s Tongan multiculturalism.

Here are pictures from that day. My principal and one of two other teachers, Pauline, asked me to take a couple of pictures of her too.

At the end of the album are a couple of pictures of what the kids do during the hour-long radio broadcast for teacher every Friday: nothing. The younger kids sit in their desks while the older kids keep them quiet. It's a productive hour, as you can see.

May Ha'ano