Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Breaking and Entering, Part I

The first full day I was in Ha’ano, I wanted to go for a run to see the island. I stepped outside to toss away some garbage before heading off, and a gust of wind blew my door closed. My keys were locked inside! I went to the PTA president’s home to see if he would have a key, since he was the person who let me into my house in the first place. His wife gave me a janitor-style keychain and told me that one of these should work. No luck. I went back to tell her, and she came over to help me break into my house. Peace Corps has a policy that all female Volunteers’ homes must have security wire on the windows. Mine was put up just last week. Unfortunately, that was too soon. With a handful of neighbors looking on, we got a hammer and pried up all the nails to take off the wire, and I was able to reach in and turn the doorknob.

Good news: It’s difficult for an intruder to break into my house.

Bad news: It’s difficult for me to break into my house.


  1. That must be really bad to get locked out of your house twice and have to break in. Did you ever get your window fixed so no one can get in? and i dont think the kids would say what an idiot teacher but americans gosh there weird...

  2. Hi!i was looking through your intresting exprirences. I've had to do that before and i get stuck but noe its my sister that gets stuck and I'm guessing you were thanksful some students came by to help. Anyways, is it a really place to be ,like I've seen pictures and it shoes a beautiful island but pictures dont always show what is really there. So i was hopping you could take some pictues and post them so i could see what you see. well thanks for keeping us posted. Hope your having a great time! Goodbye =D

  3. ha ha wow yur catching up to me!! one mur time and we'll be tied:) yea theres always nieghbors as ive mentioned before but the good thing is that u got in yur house:)