Saturday, December 12, 2009

House in Ha'ano

A couple of weeks ago, I went back to my future house in Ha'ano. I went with a Peace Corps staffer to do a security check of the house (Are there locks on all the doors? Is there a secondary escape route in case of a fire? Is the roof attached to the walls?), and this time I brought a camera.

We got a ride to the far town on the island of Foa, then my school's principal came on a boat to pick us up. The boat took about 45 minutes or an hour, but on a small boat with choppy water, it was not enjoyable. Coming back, the ride was faster and smoother, and here's a picture of my island, Kauvai, as we left.

My house is a 2-minute walk from the dock and right on the school compound. It used to be a classroom, but some time ago, they converted it to a house for a PCV. There has been a Volunteer for the past two years, so his things are still in the house, but here's a picture of the bedroom. There's not a closet or dresser, so he hung all his clothes on nails scattered around the room. Some people tell me that's the best method, because sweaty clothes will dry and not mildew that way.

I've got a big living area, bigger than most houses I've seen. There's some good cross ventilation between the front and back doors, so supposedly the house doesn't get unbearable in the summer months (February-ish).

Here's the kitchen. The last PCV had running water in the sink, but there wasn't a drain, so he had to collect the water in a bucket and dump it out outside. I, however, get a sweet sink with pipes and everything!

Perhaps the best part is the view off my porch. No need to explain why.

With more internet, I'll put up more pictures, but for now, there's my future home in Ha'ano!


  1. That's a beautiful sight from your porch. I'm sure since there aren't as many activities to do, it's very serene and peaceful. I was picturing something a bit different in terms of your house and I'm, indeed, very surprised that you received such space. Will you have gatherings held in your house, such as hosting a dinner?

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