Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Breaking and Entering, Part II

My belongings arrived on the ferry, and I was setting up my house. Another gust of wind blew my bedroom door closed. Though I had my keys with me, none of them opened the door. I decided to handle this break-in myself instead of embarrassing myself in front of the town again. I pulled up the nails for the security wire in my bedroom, but rather than removing the whole window’s wire, I pulled up just enough that I could fit through. Or so I thought. I squeezed myself through about half way, but at that point, when I was dangling by my hips half in the room and half out, I got caught on the wire. I couldn’t move. I dangled helplessly with my butt out the window. Fortunately, a group of schoolkids came by, and they helped me untangle myself and wiggle through.

Good news: The kids are very helpful.

Bad news: The kids must think their teacher is an idiot.


  1. ha ha ha thats so funny!!!! omg i would have like been so embarassed that i dnt thinkn that i would have made any noise cuz i would not like my students to recognize me i think i would have waited till i saw sumone that i have never seen and that i would never see again:) ha ha i can honestly say that that has happened to me like 3 times but theres always been the nieghbors dog that barks its head off my nieghbors already have the tools to help me and the worst part know who it is already:)

  2. hi from W.T White! this is nessa speaking
    well you're adventures seem very exciting ^^
    and it's funny to see what goes on in Tonga and don't feel bad so look on the bright side now you know how to help another friend in need with the same situation as you :)