Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Short Dialogues from My Daily Life (Part I)

Pele, me
Saia, a good guy in my village and the dad of several of my students (married)
Sila, friend in Ha’ano, general good guy, and moas with Suli (A moa is a chicken. Or a boyfriend/girlfriend. Here it is a boyfriend/girlfriend. But the dual meaning can lead to some great jokes.)
Suli, aka, Juleigh, PCV in Pangai whom all the guys in Ha’ano love
‘Aisea, a guy in Ha’ano (married)

On a boat from Ha’ano to Pangai.

Pele, Sila, and Suli had tried to go to Luahoko during the week-long school break, but the seas were too rough so the plan was changed and they ended up going to a different island. Sila must have shared this information with others on the island, that the palangis, Pele and Suli, were disappointed that they couldn’t go to Luahoko. The other Tongan guys then jokingly offer a boat to take them to Luahoko another day.

Saia: So, Pele, are you, Suli, and I going to go to Luahoko next week?
Pele: Yeah, let’s go on Friday.
Saia: Will Sila come too?
Pele: No, Sila can stay at home and sweep.
Saia: Good, so we’ll all go and have a picnic. You and me, and Suli and ‘Aisea.
‘Aisea: Yeah, Suli and me. I’m better than Sila, right? Suli likes me more than she likes Sila?
Pele: Of course.
(‘Aisea’s phone rings and it’s his wife.)
Sila: So I don’t get to go?
Pele: No, you can’t come.
Saia: Sila’s a bad guy. He’s a minister, but you know those big coats they wear? He keeps a knife in his pocket.
Pele: I know! He’s always trying to cheat people.
Saia: Did he cheat Suli? I bet he cheated her.
Pele: No, I’m protecting Suli. But Sila’s a bad dude, so he’s going to stay in Ha’ano while we go to Luahoko.
Sila: Pele, don’t say that, or I’m going to cook your dog.

During this exchange, Suli is talking to another guy in the front of the boat. They had a pretty extensive conversation, and later Suli was recounting the events to Pele.

Suli: Tevita said he went to Tonga High School. Is that true?
Pele: Who’s Tevita?
S: That guy I was talking to on the boat.
P: Tevita? That dude’s name is Mohenoa.
S: So, he lied. Ok, so probably not true about Tonga High then, either.

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