Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Short Dialogues from My Daily Life (Part II)

Masi, a guy in Ha’ano, and good rugby player

Rugby field as the team is practicing

Saia: Pele, did you see the game yesterday? What did you think?
Pele: Oh, it was good.
S: Yeah. What do you think of Masi’s playing? He’s good, isn’t he?
P: Yes, he is.
S: And he is really strong too. Look! (Goes to Masi. Tries to get him to flex. Masi refuses.)
S: Masi’s really fast, isn’t he? In the game, he ran so fast, then he hit that other guy.
P: Yes, he did.
S: It’s because he’s so fast. And strong.
P: Yep.
S: So, do you wanna date Masi?

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